By Allan Cohen and David Bradford

This website is an extension of the Influence Without Authority and Influencing Up books and more of our work on leadership. It offers complex case examples of people attempting to gain influence over those they do not control. Each example is also analyzed for lessons about implementing our influence concepts. In addition, there are convenient links to more information about influence and persuasion.

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Allan Cohen Podcast Talk:

Entrepreneurship for All (Leadership, Innovation, Influence, Organization)

This was a virtual keynote address through Jain University in Bangalore India.  Originally scheduled for an hour, to fit all the sessions in, I was asked “to summarize lessons about entrepreneurship and leadership. from my long career.”  As a result, I broke all the rules for speeches, talking too long and fast, squeezing too much content in, and allowing little interaction. But in preparing, I discovered unnoted connections among many topics and areas I had worked on or written about. I thought the result was worth keeping, so the podcast is overloaded.  I hope it is useful. You can start at 3:26 to skip the recitation of publications and accomplishments given in the introduction.

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Allan R. Cohen


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